Indoor Season Questions & Answers

How long do the programs run and how long is a session?
Most of our programs usually run 12 sessions. Indoor is about an hour, with a 5 minute warm up in the beginning, no half, and ending with 5 minutes to spare at the end for everyone to clear off in time for the next game to start on time.

Is there a practice and what should I expect at a game?
Unfortunately with Indoor there is not enough time for teaching skills, drills, and a game. Some coaches try to incorporate it into the 5 minute warm up but a lot of it will come from the coaches on the sidelines.
With Indoor, this is more a fun, physical activity to keep the kids who love soccer going until the fields outdoors are ready to go again in the Spring.
Also, no scores are kept, there are referees for older divisions, and there are no playoffs.
It is a great environment and the kids just love getting to play!
Please note….the referees are all in the different stages of their young referee careers. Some just starting out and some have been doing it for a few years. Often, early on in the beginning stages we lose a lot of young referees due to the pressures of refereeing a game. We ask that if you have a concern, you may bring it to us in the way of an email at nfscoffice@gmail.com or feel free to speak to one of the NFSC conveners present on your soccer night. Just as your child wants to learn the game of soccer, there are children that want to learn how to referee and that comes with experience and confidence. We ask you to keep this in mind and try not to yell or approach/coach them yourselves.

What do I do if I want my child to learn more skills and drills?
We do offer Technical Clinics both in the Fall, and Winter. Please inquire at the office. The great thing is they are offered on separate days, so you may do both, and your child will be able to apply what they have learned right away at their games.

What do I need to provide them with as far as equipment?
We provide the full uniform. All you need is shin pads (which is a must with all our Soccer programs) and either soccer cleats or indoor soccer shoes.

Where do I sign up and how can I pay?
We have 2 Office Locations through-out the year. In the Winter, we like to be close to the Indoor Program, so we have an office at the Niagara Falls Sportsplex and transfer over to there in early September. In the Spring, we return to our Mitchelson Home Field sometime in early April. Anytime you are coming to the office to register, please visit our website to see where we are, our Facebook or Twitter page, or call our office at 905 374 4040.
Registration taken by anyone other than Niagara Falls Soccer Club Administration for any NFSC Program will NOT be a valid registration.
We accept Credit, Debit or Cash as payment. Also, if you email or fax us the registration form, we can take payments over the phone once we have received the form. No cheques will be accepted and forms should not be mailed.

What nights will my child be playing on and what are the times?
We have Monday to Thursday night scheduled at the Sportsplex for our Indoor House League Program from roughly about 5:30/6pm to about 8/9pm. This will depend on the age division that is playing that night. We do not always know how many teams we will have or how many children we will have signing up, but we do have a set idea of night/times that each division will play. We definitely try to stick to these nights/times, but if adjustments need to be made or we have to make “slight” alterations to accommodate the numbers, we may have to adjust.
This Fall schedule is pretty much the same as last year.
U11/13 & U14 and up Monday nights U5/6s Wednesday nights U9/10s Tuesday nights U7/8s Thursday nights
These may change or alter slightly if needed once numbers are final and schedules are made. Then again, they may not.

What Division does my child fall into?
The determination of what age your child may be in will depend on what your child’s age is between January 1st and December 31st. Please note…the night that your child plays on “may” change from the Fall to the Winter. You can use the above for a guideline for the Winter session to help you. This will be the same division they will play in for the Summer session as well for 2015.
Kids are coming to us from all levels of play, from all different Clubs in the area, all different age levels (born early in the year, some born later in the year). We try to assemble the teams to the best of our ability and as fairly as possible. Since it is impossible to know the capability of every child, if we feel the need to move a child to even out teams, we will try to do so.

Here Are Some Points to Help You Have an Enjoyable Indoor Season
When you come in for your games, PLEASE, remember to respect the other organizations using the Dome by staying away and off the Field areas. Please stay to the sides of the dome while waiting for your game and do not kick any balls or run onto the field until they are done. They have paid for that time and we should respect that.
Please remember to put all water bottles and garbage in the garbage, or take them with you. We need to keep the Indoor space clean for everyone to use.

Parking along the sides of the Dome is not a good idea, although it may seem like that. It makes it difficult for
people to pull out and also pass, not to mention in the Winter when snow slides off the Dome it could harm someone or your vehicle. There is ample parking around the building and it may require a bit of a walk, but there are spaces available. The Niagara Falls Sportsplex is looking at fixing the situations regarding issues with parking and the parking lot, but until then we should respect each other and park in the assigned spots available. Also, blocking the entrance way where there are a few parking spots and people are entering and exiting is not a good idea. Please wait for your child along the street, or, park and walk in to get your child.