NFSC TITANS U8 ID Sessions – Boys and Girls born in 2010


(born in 2010)

    Starting  Wednesday, August 16  from 6 to 7:15 pm, any boy or girl that is born in 2010 may join these free sessions.  

These sessions will serve a couple purposes;  so we can see approximately how many athletes, teams,  and coaches will we need, to inform parents of what Festivals are about, and teach these young athletes a few skills to better prepare them for the tryouts this September. Also, if any coaches/parents are interested in coaching this age group please come out to these sessions and let me know. 

 Players only need to bring a ball, wear a white top, bring a positive attitude, listen to coaches, and want to fun while learning the beautiful game!  

If you are planning on attending, just send Coach Vince an E-mail so he can better prepare the session at  We will continue to have these sessions on Wednesday nights until further notice. We will be having a Q & A with parents after the first session for those of you that might have any questions.

Where:  Mitch Mini Field 3 { top field } at Mitchelson park.