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2019 Outdoor House League Opening Day Information!

By Christina Stranges, 05/07/19, 7:15PM EDT


Almost There!!!

Finishing touches are being put on all our divisions as registrations are still pouring in!!  Rosters will start being assembled next week so if you still have not registered, there is still time!  

This is our 60th year of running Soccer programs in Niagara!! Can you believe it??!!

As you all know, Opening Day will be on Saturday, May 25th.  This will be a meet n greet, uniform hand out, and a practice!  This is a day to get everyone organized and where they need to be!  We affectionately call it our "Organized Chaos" day! :)

Please bring your child dressed appropriately to play soccer and do some fun skills and drills for the entire hour.  They will need Shin Pads and Soccer Cleats.  Also, don't forget to bring water to rehydrate your little players with all the running they will be doing! 

Coaches will begin receiving rosters around the 17th. 

Due to the volume of registrations we still have coming in, we wait until the last possible moment to send the rosters out so that everyone gets contacted by their coaches and no one gets left behind. 

Please give the coaches time to contact you on what team you are on and what your team arrival time is for the 25th.  They are volunteers that have families and jobs so they may not get to it as fast as we may think.  The times will be between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.....depending on team numbers for the divisions.  Also, I always say to check your spam folders, voice mails, etc., just in case you may have missed it!  If you have not heard anything by May 23rd and 24th, please feel free to contact our office and we will try to assist you in finding your child's start time!

Some helpful hints:  

As they will be getting their uniforms that day, bring the kids with just regular shorts and once you get the uniform,  just switch out the top for the jersey.  

If you have girls, a tank top underneath always works great for a quick wardrobe change!

You will get soccer socks, so you just put those on over the shin pads, then slip back on the cleats!

Great tip:  Can't find small sized cleats?  

Check out the store "Once Upon a Child".  They always have smaller sizes and in great condition!

Hope this information helps and we look forward to a successful season with all of you!