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They Call Us Warriors

By Niagara Falls Soccer Club , 10/15/19, 4:45PM EDT


We wanted to let everyone know about a film that will be coming out in November playing here in Niagara Falls that may be of interest to our Niagara Falls Soccer Club members.

The film is called, "They Call Us Warriors" - it's an incredibly inspiring story of the under-17 Venezuelan woman's soccer team and their journey to the Women's World Cup. The directing team includes a female director, and it is a very empowering story about what these young women were able to accomplish in the face of major adversity.

The release for the film will be November 25th, and our members have all been invited to attend. The way the screenings work is that they are confirmed once a certain number of tickets are sold, and the cutoff date is November 14th. We think the story of this film is beautiful and would be inspiring for all those little/big girls out there with dreams of playing sports professionally! We love when we see girls thrive in soccer and this is a prime example of that, we are hoping this movie may even inspire the next generation of future titans to fall in love with the sport of soccer.

If you’re interested, there is a discount code to all Niagara Falls Soccer Club members which is "Warriors10". This code will give you an extra 10% off of the price of your ticket and will be valid through to October 30th. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this great opportunity, and take your girls!!

The link for the tickets is via this below;

Ticket link for screenings:

Girls can play!!

Fridalina Rolfo (Swedish Women's Football Team):

“I believe women can do anything they decide to.”