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Tim Chamberlain OPDL Invitational


U15-U17 Invitational Kickoff


Helpful Links For Participating Scouts

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Tim Chamberlain & The Tim Chamberlain Invitational

Tim Chamberlain is the former, long-standing president of the Niagara Falls Soccer Club. Tim served his term as President from 2007 to August of 2023 bringing the club to the forefront of soccer in Niagara. Tim had many accomplishments in his time with the Niagara Falls Soccer Club, with some of his most notable accomplishments being the acquisition of the club's Canadian National Youth License, the creation of the club's first turf field, and the club's OPDL License. Tim served each year as a volunteer, giving his time to help give the youth and adults of Niagara Falls a positive outlet, and a chance to be recognized for their excellence.


In honor of Tim's nearly two decades serving at the helm, we have created the Tim Chamberlain Invitational integrating the accomplishments he worked so hard for, and the vision that he had for soccer excellence. This will bring teams for U15- U17 boys and girls to the beautiful city of Niagara Falls to showcase their game in front of schools and teams that they could land with for the coming years. The showcase will feature a second weekend of U13 & U14 teams playing other OPDL centres in 3 games to help get geared up for the season!