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Is your Child, or are you, interested in becoming an accredited Ontario Soccer Match Offical?  

Every year, more and more youth and adults are interested in taking up Refereeing either as a hobby or side job for the Soccer season.  Clinics become available every Spring and usually have an in-class and on-field component.  

This webpage and the subpages in the drop-down menu have been designed to become an ever-growing resource to assist those interested in pursuing officiating, and those who would like to know more about the rules involved with the game of Soccer in Ontario.

Hopefully, this helps to create a new pathway in the opportunities with the game of Soccer or helps you to better understand the game of Soccer!

To see what Ontario Soccer Clinics are all about, you can visit the "Match Officials" section of the Ontario Soccer Website or visit our "Certification" page within our website for greater details and what upcoming Clinics NFSC is offering.

2019 NFSC Referee Clinics

NFSC will be hosting the Small Sided and Entry Level Referee Clinics this year here at our NFSC Clubhouse.

For more information on the Referee Courses, Dates and Registration, check out our Certification page!

For more information on Refereeing within NFSC or any questions about Refereeing in general, please contact

Gary Flanagan

Club Head Referee

Phone: 905 246 6502

Ontario Soccer Updates for Monday, June 8th

Ontario Soccer COVID-19 Update - Monday, June 8th

By Christina Stranges 06/09/2020, 5:30pm EDT

In light of yesterday's announcement from Premier Doug Ford, last night, Ontario Soccer/Canada Soccer has released a memo regarding the current update provided by our Government.

Recent Information Bulletin released by Ontario Soccer regarding "PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCEMENT ON OUTDOOR AMATEUR TEAM SPORTS"  -  Click Here to Read Full Article.

Specifically they have noted the following;

The Provincial Government has stated in general, that Outdoor team sports may resume, if physical distancing is maintained for training only and with no scrimmages or games.

  • This includes limited access to facilities (e.g., no locker rooms, no change rooms and no showers).
  • Access to clubhouse and other amenities will be limited to washrooms, emergency aid and equipment management.


Please know that Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer have put a plan in place for the District Associations and affiliate Clubs which should be released sometime this week.  As with most businesses and Organizations re-opening after the COVID-19 Lockdown, there will be a Risk Assessment tool that all Clubs and Organizations will have to follow/meet prior to opening.  This means that if we are moved to Phase 2 on the 19th, we may still need some time to get all protocols established and in place to meet proper guidelines to help keep everyone safe.  

The City will also have to give the go-ahead as the Park/Fields will have to be prepared and we will continue to work with them to find the best way to get everyone out there on the fields safely.

"Pleased be advised of the following critical information as it pertains to our specific sport approval process in alignment with Canada Soccer:

  • Canada Soccer has recently approved Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide – Protocols and Recommendations (the plan)
  • The Ontario Soccer Board of Directors has recently approved Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide – Protocols and Recommendations (the plan)
  • Ontario Soccer will share this document with the member Districts and affiliated Clubs and Academies in the coming days so that those who are in regions that are cleared for Return to Play may begin preparations to do so ONLY once they have been cleared and have completed Canada Soccer’s Risk Assessment tool. More information to come in the coming days under a separate Bulletin, including a copy of the Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide – Protocols and Recommendations (the plan)."


Once we here at NFSC are ready, we will be reaching out via Social Media and our Website to let everyone know how we are moving forward, and go from there.

We are almost there!! 

We are asking for your continued patience and support to allow us, and the City of Niagara Falls Parks and Recreation Department to exucute things properly for our NFSC families who may have concerns as well, and our community. 

COVID-19 is still out there.  In the end, please remember, that all of us here at the Niagara Falls Soccer Club care about thier members and their families safety and will work to ensure that everyone returns to soccer only when it is safe to do so.

Until then, stay tuned and stay safe!


NFSC - Ontario Soccer COVID-19 Update - May 11th, 2020

By Christina Stranges 05/11/2020, 9:30pm EDT

     Today we have received word from the City of Niagara Falls - Parks and Recreation that City Facilities will remain closed until the end of June.   In addition, we have also received a memo from Ontario Soccer/Canada Soccer that all in-person Soccer Activies will remain cancelled or postponed until the end of June as well. 

Click Here to read official Ontario Soccer Memo RE:  COVID-19 Update.

NFSC, along with the Niagara Soccer Association, will continue to work on a modified season until the "Return to Play" action is called upon.  All Soccer Leagues (NSL, GHSL, PSL, PVSL) and Ontario Soccer (Ontario Cup) are continuing to plan for that call as well. 

Ontario Soccer is still conducting online courses for Coaching so if any Coaches were registered for a course, it will be available online very soon with an on-field component to be done at a later date.   They have also opened up two more C Licence Courses.  They will also be conducted online and the on-field portion will be done at a later time at a selected venue for anyone still interested in obtaining National Licencing. 

Please know that the NFSC Board  and Technical Staff understand that there are many of our members that are anxious to get out on the fields and get back to playing soccer.  However, we have to remember that safety is paramount and we can only follow the directives of those higher up (City, OS, CS, NSA, NH, and Government).

At this time, we would like to assure our NFSC parents that we, the NFSC Board, along with our governing Soccer bodies, and the City of Niagara Falls, will continue to monitor this COVID-19 situation on a month to month basis.  We will continue to prepare and be ready, so that when we are cleared to play and it is safe to do so, rest assured, the TITANS will be ready to go! 

These times are truely unprecedented.  If at some point the decision is made that there will be no soccer, our members will be notified and parents and players will NOT lose out.  We are asking everyone to be patient and stay positive!!

We urge everyone to continue to practice social distancing, proper hand-washing, and respecting the decisions of the City and the NFSC Board by staying off the fields even though they continue to maintain them .

We thank you for all your support and continue to pray that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel to this pandemic.

Stay safe and we wish all our NFSC families a great long weekend.


Ontario Soccer COVID-19 Update

By Christina Stranges 04/07/2020, 4:15pm EDT

Today Ontario Soccer released a new update relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Soccer for the upcoming month.

It states the following;

Ontario Soccer is announcing today, as further follow up to the Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer announcements of March 12and March 13 as well as the Ontario Soccer announcement of March 24, that all sanctioned in-person soccer events and activities for the month of May have been cancelled or postponed.

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and governmental advisors, continues to monitor the most recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and are assessing operations and deciding cancelations and postponements on a month-to-month basis as the pandemic continues to unfold.

This decision will affect the start of the spring portion of the 2020 Outdoor Season for the Local, Regional, District, Provincial, OASL, OPDL and all other leagues across Ontario.

For those who may be concerned about registering for the abridged outdoor season, Ontario Soccer is encouraging participants to do so now, so that Districts, Clubs and Academies can be fully prepared to kick off the Return to Play season when announced. Please contact your local Club or Academy for more information.

Multiple scenarios are being considered which includes a modified Outdoor Season in 2020 as well as further potential postponements, if necessary. Please also note that due to some municipal government restrictions, playing fields have been closed down beyond May, therefore some District Associations have issued membership notices of cancellation past May. Clubs or Academies should consult with your Member District Association if you have any questions.

As social or physical distancing is not a concern in an online, isolated environment, activities that can be completed online, such as Match Official Accreditation Clinics, some Coaching Courses, registering for future events and competitions such as Ontario Cup, or the outdoor season registration and other activities that do not require public or private gathering, will continue until further notice.

If your membership has further questions, please refer them to the latest bulletin, the COVID-19 Updates page, which has all the latest information from Ontario Soccer, as well as resources for your members to better inform themselves. 

If you have not subscribed to our weekly e-Newsletter, please do so here.

To View the entire Bulletin, please Click Here.

      We understand it has been a long few weeks and everybody is anxious to be able to get outside and get back to normal.  However,  we must remain vigilant in staying strong and taking part in all the Health practices and measures put in place to protect us all.

We encourage all of our members to continue practicing/playing soccer in their homes (if it permits) or in thier backyards, either by themselves, as a family, or even with thier pets!  We will try to post links on our social media sites with helpful drills/skills/activities that our members can try at home to keep you busy and in fine soccer form!

Reminder:  The Referee Clinics we had scheduled are still running, however, they are now being conducted online .  If you, or your child are still interested in signing up, there are spots still available and you can do so by visiting our Referee Certification page on our website.  We expect the date for that to be announced very soon and it is anticipated to be around the beginning of May. 

As far as the office, we are continuing to work saftely from a home office, preparing for the upcoming season so that when the Return to Play season is activated, the TITANS will be ready to go.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call us with your questions! 

Until then, we hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy, and we wish all of you a wonderful Easter weekend with your families!