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Travel Soccer


Here at the NFSC, we strive to offer our players the best playing experience and opportunities for soccer by offering our members a variety of pathways and options.  Whether it be House League, Rep/Festival (Travel),  playing within the Niagara Regional Soccer Program, PSL (over 16),  or even now OPDL, we offer it all!

Since our inception in 1959, we continue to build and develop on our programs offering quality training and development year after year for our youth, girls and boys, adult men and women, within the Niagara Falls community. 

To fully understand the opportunities available to all Soccer Players within Ontario, please check out our Player Pathway Page to get a better understanding of what the right direction may be for your child as they develop and grow in the sport of Soccer.

Please read below for more information on Leagues and Upcoming Programs.

Please Click Here to Learn More About the Player Pathway

Click here to learn more about the Player Pathway and find out what direction is the best for your child/youth.


The Niagara Falls Soccer Club offers Travel Soccer programs for both Girls and Boys, Men and Women, at both the Recreational level and the High-Performance level.

Our TITANS begin with U8 Festival teams and go all the way up to U21 competitive teams.   The High-Performance NIAGARA FC OPDL teams start at U13 and go to U17 for both Girls and Boys.

The U8 to U12 Grassroots or Development teams, (both Girls and Boys), as they are referred to, play within the Niagara Soccer League (NSL) and play more within the District which expands from Niagara Falls to Grimsby (depending on which Club has a team in that age division).  Games are usually 1 to maybe 2 nights per week and on a weeknight with the occasional weekend Festival.

For the U13 and Up, as of 2020, there are now 3 or 4 streams, or level of play, offered here at our Club available to players in the Niagara Region.   The Niagara Soccer League (NSL), the Niagara Regional Soccer Program (NRSP), the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL - which is High Performance), or the Peninsula Soccer League (PSL) for U16 and Up.   If you are familiar with the Ontario Minor Hockey System, OPDL is equivalent to the AAA level, with Regional being AA, and NSL being A.  

The NSL plays within the Niagara Region stretching from Niagara to Grimsby.  Games are 1 night a week and on the occasion 2 if makeup games are necessary, and Cup games.   They also offer U13 and up for both Girls and Boys, in addition to a Women's Division.

The NRSP plays with the GHSL, or Golden Horseshoe Soccer League.  

The Golden Horseshoe Soccer League is the regional league for the South Region. The league is made up of:

  • Niagara Soccer Association
  • Hamilton & District Soccer Association
  • Peel Halton Soccer Association

Each district is allotted positions in age group/gender from U13 to U18Each district establishes the criteria for the population of the respective positions in each division.

OPDL is the Ontario Player Development League which is the highest level of youth soccer offered here in Ontario.  This league plays a select 30 Clubs/teams from all around the Province as far as Ottawa and possibly expanding into Quebec. This is the final step of youth development in Ontario Soccer before League 1. 

NFSC was granted an OPDL franchise back in August of 2020 to bring the highest level of soccer possible to the youth of the Niagara Region. The OPDL teams are a subsidiary division to NFSC and are called Niagara FC.  We are run out of the same building as the NFSC in a league with 30 other teams across Ontario.

Games are usually on weekends with U13s and U15s playing on Saturdays, and U14s and U17s playing on Sundays.  Practices are up to 3 to 4 times per week and the program itself runs 11 months of the year.  Coaches in this program are non-parent and have to be certified at a high level/national coaching level.  Within this program, players are continuously scouted at different venues by not only Ontario Soccer/Canada Soccer, but Colleges and Universities as well.

If you are looking to get your son or daughter to the next level, this is definitely the way to go.

The Peninsula Soccer League (PSL) is for U16 and Up Men.  They offer weekly games and League Cup for Boys/Men who are interested in playing within the Niagara Region a little more competitively than just a Recreational League (Pick-up League).

How can you/your child be part of the Niagara Falls Soccer Club TITANS team?

Every year NFSC holds Team Identification Sessions/Open Trials once league play is over which is in late September, early October.    All are welcome.  Session Registration forms must be completed online, at a minimum a day prior to trials or in person, during office hours. All parts of the form must be filled out and signed.   A list of all players will then be given to all the coaches prior to trials.

For more TITANS Team Identification/Open Trials information ~ Click Here or scroll down further down the page.

TITANS OPEN SESSIONS/TRIALS for the NSL Development/REP teams are now posted!  Check out our Events feed and the TITANS OPEN SESSIONS/TRIALS page on our website!!  See link below!

TITANS OPEN SESSIONS/TRIALS (formerly known as Tryouts) Page

Click on this link to visit the TITANS OPEN SESSIONS/TRIALS page to view any OPEN SESSIONS/TRIALS in Progress or Upcoming!

Made the TITANS Team??!! What’s Next??!

Time to register!!  You can either do it online or come visit us in our office and pay in person.  We accept cash, credit or debit.  No cheques, please.

If you have played on a Festival/Travel team but have not played with this club in the past, we ask that you go to your former club and request your players’ book be returned, and hand this in at the time of registration.   If you were on a Festival team and your Club did not have books, then that is fine and you will just need to bring a passport size photo and a copy of your birth certificate as proof of birth date.  The child will also have to sign his or her book so please bring your child in as well!

For U13 divisions and upif you have not played on a travel team before, you will need to get a passport size photo (no school photos, and please put name and birth date on the back) and hand it in with your registration so that we may make a players’ book for you.  We will also need to see proof of birth for verification.

Are you interested in becoming a Festival/REP Coach?



If you are interested in becoming a Festival/REP Coach with the NFSC TITANS applications are now being accepted for the 2022 Season.

For more information please Click Here.




Dates and Times for the 2020-21 Niagara Regional Soccer Program Teams are now being released daily.

Please visit the Niagara Regional Soccer Program website for more information on Tryouts. 

Looking for a Higher Level of Play for your child?


For more information on the Ontario Player Development League,  or OPDL as it is most often referred to, which offers a higher level of play for both Boys and Girls, U13 and up (2009 and down), please contact our office and we will be happy to point you in the proper direction as we continue to strive to give our players the best opportunities available for them on the pathway of Soccer!

Trial Dates for the 2009 Girls and Boys OPDL Team have just been released.  Please visit for the registration link and details!

NFSC – NIAGARA FC OPDL would like to welcome PATRICK HABA to the 2022 OPDL season as our U13 Girls Head Coach.

Patrick was born in Conakry, Guinea and moved to Canada in 2019.  Since moving to Canada, he has created a home here in Niagara and has been looking to build his soccer repertoire.   Patrick has been with the Niagara Falls Soccer Club since moving to Canada from Italy, and he has been fully immersed ever since he arrived here, in playing, assisting, and Coaching with our NFSC programs.

Patrick’s playing career has been quite extensive and a big part of his life.  Although he played as a child, his soccer career began in 1991 in Africa with FC Nowadhibou (Ligue 1 Mauritania), and spans through various countries over the years such as Germany (TuS Fleestedt (Landesliga), FC St Pauli (Bundesliga)), France (Montrouge FC 92 (CFA)), and Italy (AS Subiaco, AS Motecchio, Acilia Calcio, FAO Tea, Striscia La Notizia). 

Most noted is when he was on loan to US Latina (Serie B – 2002) while he played in Subiaco, Lazio, Italy with AS Vis Subiaco.

His coaching career started in 2006 at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, and continued at Michele Magone (Salesiani Portici) until 2018. Throughout that span, he also coached a U10 team in Paris, France, and various teams in Milan.

To read more about Coach Patrick, visit our Coaches page on our NIAGARA FC Tech Staff and Coaches page.

Assisting Patrick on the bench in the 2022 season will be Lucy Continelli.  Lucy is also a well-established Soccer Coach of the Niagara Region and will be a great asset to the U13 Girls Coaching staff!

In addition to our recently announced U13 Boys Head Coach, Sam Blakeley, we are thrilled to be officially welcoming back the following Head Coaches for next year's season who will continue to grow and develop the players on the 2022 OPDL teams!  

U14 Girls - Joe Lamberti

U14 Boys - Jessica Danku

U17 Girls - Lucio Ianiero

U17 Boys - Carlos Rivas Sr.

Having navigated through NIAGARA FC's first year in the OPDL league we are confident that we have a solid Coaches lineup moving forward and a great start to what lies ahead for the players of the Niagara Region!




NFSCTitans Niagara Falls Soccer Club (NFSC) NFSCTitans


Ontario Soccer Respect in Sport - Parent Program

As per Canada Soccer/Ontario Soccer and keeping in line with NFSC striving to obtain a higher standard, all teams in our Organisation will require one parent to have completed the "Respect In Soccer" online Parent Course.  If you as a parent have already taken the course through another Sport, it can be transferred or imported through the link below.  We will require a copy of the certification upon completion from our parents to keep in our files.  When sending the certificate, please specify which team their Child belongs to and the Coach. 

We are asking all our Rep/Festival Parents to have this completed by March 1st, 2020.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


COVID Waivers

Due to COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures, the Declaration of Compliance and the Participation Waiver must be completed prior to each NFSC Program Session being attended.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the amazing sponsors that support our TITANS Festival and Rep Programs for the 2021Season!

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