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Launched in 2014 with the 2001 age group, the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) is one of the province's first standards-basedyouth high-performance leagues that combines top-level competition with strict high-performance training standards. This innovative exciting youth high-performance program is an important component of the overall movement to adopt the core principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) across soccer at large in Ontario and Canada and is an integral part of the Ontario Soccer Talented Player Pathway

On Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020,  Niagara Falls Soccer Club was awarded the OPDL and Canadian National Youth Licence and brought the Talented Player Pathway here to the Niagara District.  NFSC worked for over 4 years to obtain the OPDL Franchise in Niagara and upon doing so NFSC has branded the OPDL teams as Niagara FC.  

  • OPDL provides an incomparable structured pathway in the Niagara Region to bring young players to the top level of soccer.
  • Aims to target top athletes in the province from U13 to U17 age groups  (Girls and Boys) to constitute the highest level of competitive youth soccer in Ontario 
  • The OPDL operates both as a high-performance training program, not just as a league.
  • The Ontario Player Development League provides an unparalleled level of play that no League or Club offers in the Niagara Region.


The Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) is a highly anticipated and exciting initiative in the world of youth soccer in Ontario, Canada. 

The OPDL provides the following player pathway and opportunity for youth players in Niagara;

High-Level Competition: The OPDL offers a platform for young soccer players to compete at the highest level of youth soccer in Ontario. It brings together some of the most talented and promising players, creating an environment that fosters healthy competition and skill development.

Pathway to Excellence: OPDL presents a clear pathway to excellence in soccer. Players who perform well in the league have opportunities to progress to higher levels, such as provincial, college, and university teams.

Professional Coaching and Development: The OPDL is known for its commitment to player development. It provides access to top-tier, National licenced, non-parent coaching and training to help young athletes improve their skills and understanding of the game.

Exposure and Opportunities: The league attracts College, University, and even professional Club scouts. This exposure increases a player's chance of being noticed and potentially offered scholarships or professional contracts.

Comprehensive Player Pathway: The OPDL is part of a comprehensive player development pathway in Canada and Ontario, connecting grassroots soccer to Elite levels. This ensures a well-structured and supportive soccer journey from an early age to adulthood.

Community Involvement: The excitement around OPDL is not limited to the players alone. Communities, soccer clubs, and parents are also excited about the league because it brings a sense of pride and achievement to the region.

Promotion of Values: The OPDL promotes values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and dedication. The league's emphasis is on holistic player development, not just on-field skills.

Building Dreams: For many young soccer enthusiasts, the OPDL represents the realization of their dreams. The excitement stems from the fact that they are one step closer to achieving their goals of becoming professional soccer players.

Camaraderie and Friendship: The OPDL creates lasting memories and friendships for players. 

Pride in Representing Ontario: Players take immense pride in representing their Region, City, and Club in the OPDL.

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NIAGARA FC Program Highlights

  • 46 weeks of training
  • 6-month season
  • Dedicated strength and conditioning
  • Paid, qualified coaches
  • Play against top talent
  • Exposure to Ontario Provincial Excel program scouts


Thank You to All Our Wonderful NIAGARA FC OPDL Team Supporters!!

Audi Niagara - NIAGARA FC OPDL Sponsor

The Millron Group - NIAGARA FC OPDL 2007/06 Girls

ENHANTZ Coaching - NIAGARA FC OPDL 2009 Girls

New Castle Communities - NIAGARA FC OPDL 2010 Girls

Confederation Mechanical LTD. - NIAGARA FC OPDL 2007/06 Boys

DBJ Safety Training - NIAGARA FC OPDL 2009 Boys